Xiamen Air Coming to New York!

All of a sudden I don’t have my regular status, so I decided to put this in RWA. I just found out that Xiamen Air is starting service to JFK early next year!


China right?

Surprised they don’t fly to New York already. They seem like a pretty large airline, and New York is one of those “everyone flies there” airports.


True lol. Some other major airlines opt for Newark though, such as Jet Airways and United. I suppose they don’t want to compete with Air India and American/Delta respectively.

They’ll be flying between New York and Fuzhou.


Jet airways dont fly to the US anymore only Toronto.

Vancouver was Xiamen’s first North American destination


except southwest! :)

Getting regulatory approval from the Chinese government is like pulling teeth. Not to mention that the Chinese market isn’t that great in terms of yield, so not a lot of airlines survive in the international scene.


Sounds cool. I wonder what aircraft they will operate on that route.


This is due to a influx in Chinese tourism, this was all over the British news a few days ago. Apparently the Chinese tourists are taking advantage of the currency boom and are all travelling to London. More flights are now going to London and apparently they will double within a few years and it’s the same for New York.

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