Xiamen Air Boeing 737-800

If the 737 is ever reworked - this livery is so needed!
Xiamen air are a Chinese airline, based in Xiamen. For more info on this airline, see here:

I think it would be lovely to fly around China when global comes out.
It is simple, but really classy in my opinion.

Credit: http://cdn.airplane-pictures.net/images/uploaded-images/2013/9/6/317949.jpg
What do you think?

See this 3 times a day coming into my local airport, would be nice to have but votes just don’t want to cooperate now :/


Don’t ask for likes, if people really want this livery but are out of votes they should remove one of their old votes and use it on this one instead.

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Ok I’ll delete it. Thanks for telling me

New request will be posted shortly