Xiamen Air (B-1356) Boeing 787-9 "United Nations" Livery

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I saw a checked on the internet for Google information about it Xiamen Airlines, registration (B-1356) is a Boeing 787-9 special “United Nations” livery scheme color is light blue.

Credit Photo from Wanping Chen.
Taken Date: March 18, 2018.
Airport: Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport (ZSAM/XMN).

He’s welcome a new here at IFC, and I ask to @CharlesChen just want to know about Xiamen Air one aircraft livery scheme registration (B-1356) is a Boeing 787-9 “United Dream” livery, so why he attractions the picture of Xiamen Air livery if able want to in the game on IF in the future, have fun! It feels free to request your vote request on IFC. The front right side “Sustainable Development Goals Adopted by the UN General Assembly” and Left side only translate for the Chinese.

Xiamen Air (B-1356) Boeing 787-9 the delivered in March 2018 assembly made from Charleston, South Carolina. The age of 4.1 years old - active.

It used on the internet for Google information.

Any questions?

Thank you, AJ Johnson. Happy Flying!

Xiamen Air U.N. (United Nations) 787-9
He got old and wrote a letter last 4 years scrolls on IFC.

Another New Chinese airline thread is always a good day

Very beautiful livery


Yes, thank you!

And Canton, where are you from what city name is?

From Guangzhou

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Good idea, we need more special liveries lol. I only got one vote left though, sorry man, need to use it wisely-

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Very nice and I know where it is. I have a few friends from China for another city of Xi’an, Beijing, Guangzhou, Dailan and anything they are student at college in Seattle last year earlier.

Thank you. Dang. Do better for your support vote from my topic in the future, you are interested in the livery scheme. Thanks.

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My spare vote has been found, I’m giving this topic a little bump :)

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Your vote the topic perfect. Thank you!

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I think this special custom version of Livery will not be added to infinite Flight by the IF team.

Hey, don’t be so pessimistic and curse this livery, lol. I sure hope it gets added though.

I certainly hope that more livery are added to the game. However, according to the rules of the IF, some livery will always be deleted when rework certain models.

I am very dissatisfied with this.

Hey, talk about it for what?

Hi, everyone, I saw the read new announcement feature rules special livery scheme in app IF. Xiamen Air has one special scheme but it won’t allow in the game rules. Very sorry ;-(.

I have one topic Xiamen Air Boeing 787-9 only and no livery scheme, feel free to vote for the topic below, please. Thank you!

Now, I have my topic to be closed. Thanks!