XFV Lockheed in Live Flight?

Hey! I recently saw @MishaCamp using the XFV aircraft on live flight

At first I did not know what aircraft it was but then after searching, I found this…

I did not think it was in IF and still think its not

I was wondering what it was…

If anybody can explain thanks!

Allow me to explain. This may be an existing aircraft that has not been added into the database. An example of this would be the Nordwind 777. If you spawn in that and track yourself, it will show up as one of these funky flyers. It’s just that Cameron has been busy focusing on Infinite Flight related development and not on Liveflight.


ahhhh okay thank you! never knew live flight has the XFV in the database haha

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It is just shown when Live Flight doesn’t recognise the aircraft or livery etc.


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