XF-84H Thunderscreech

I found the plane I want! It’s a turboprop but the propeller seems to get close to speed of sound. The entire point of doing this is during takeoff, I want to let everyone within 5 nautical miles hear the engine running. 140 decibels, I am not joking around here.

Photo from Wikipedia.

Do you mean this?

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No. Airliners with turbofan engines are not noisy enough.

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I dont want bleading ears (140 decibels is not a nice sound!) :)


Are you suggesting a Military Fighter Jet, perhaps?

I’m not sure what’s being requested here. Would you mind clarifying?

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A new airplane. Hold on. I found what I want.

It is best to actually find what you are requesting before you request something without any context.


this is an electric feed to be following in real time

Take a look here, and use the correct fornat for your Features Request, thank you :)

Basically, Add a picture, little info about the feature and why you would like to have it?

I found it. the XF-84H


Number made: 2

Err is it required to be mass produced?

No, you can still request it no matter the number of aircraft produced.

It’s only that out of the 2 that was made, one of them flew until 1992 and the other one only flew 4 times til 1956, then the whole project got cancelled.

But that doesn’t quite matter since you are still allowed to request the aircraft no matter its history.

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an experimental aircraft from the 1950s, though?? Good luck!


What he said. Not sure you’re going to get many people wanting this.