XCubs to Oshkosh 2019

I’d like to begin by thanking everyone who was involved in the making of this event, from Developers to EAA & pilots alike who participated and gave me a chance to experience the real thing. It was an amazing event and I had so much fun doing it. As soon as the official XCubs to Oshkosh trailer came out, I put some commercial flying on hold and began training on the XCub, this event proved that my takeoffs still need some work πŸ˜…
Here are a few mementos from the final 2 flights to Oshkosh


Oh wow that’s awesome 😎


fantastic! hope you had a great time. ;)

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Love those photos 😍
Wish I could have been there


Ha! You caught me pre-flighting 9XC. πŸ˜„

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You gave me the best angle πŸ‘Œ
Hope it’s okay

All Photos are nice and the Third one is Superb!

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WOW! I wish I could have been there, but there’s no WiFi at Oshkosh.

Wow, stunning photos!

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