XCubby’s To Oshkosh Flight Two; With Beautiful Moon Shots!

G’day all, today was the second leg of the trip to Oshkosh and thankfully I was able to attend. Firstly I did some traffic patterns and then waited for the event to begin. It was very busy and everyone was surprisingly respectful. I did in fact sadly fly though @DeerCrusher and I made it up to him by giving way to him. As always the pictures aren’t edited in any way and are straight from the game.

I was on the Casual Server flying from KVLL to KPWK with the Black and Grey XCubby, I have changed the time in the pictures to make them look better but when I was flying I was changing between noon and current time.

The first Cub off the rank is us waiting in line for our departure with the Moon in the foreground.

A beautiful close up shot of us waiting.

A very dramatic takeoff out of KVLL @DeerCrusher.

Us flying as a group with perfection in timing and positioning.

Continuing on from the last picture we have a beautiful sunset with the Moon.

And to end this awesome flight off a smoothish landing at a stormy Chicago.

And finally a shot of the crew to finish off a very enjoyable and scenic flight.

I really hope you enjoyed the pictures. Stay tuned for my best shots of the month. I really hope I can make it tomorrow as this was the best event ever, great job @infiniteflight for this awesome event and experience.

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Wow buddy nice pics

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Thanks mate I appreciate it.

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You’re welcome 😁👍🏽

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Nice shots! I see myself!

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Thanks mate, what ones you?

I’m the first EAA livery Cub in the line up on picture number 2, above the black Cub on pic number 5, and the blue Cub towards the front on 6 and 7

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I remember seeing you, I think I parked next to you.

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@DeerCrusher you alright there buddy?

Sorry for tagging you lol


That takeoff though! 😍


Is uploading my pics here allowed within the group rules or do I have to create my own photo session? They pertain to the same event.
I can’t find any rules on it so any advice from Regulars, mods, admins is appreciated
I can’t compete with these photos but they’re still pretty cool

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Upload them in your own topic please. 🙂