Xcub World Tour

As i yesterday started my next personal record its this time not the longest flight time. This time i will fly the Xcub around the world in one session without Ending Infinite Flight. On both of my Accounts at the same time.

Here i will list all my stops till i made it around the world. When i finished i will for sure post my total flight time of it.


EDDG (Münster/Osnabrück) → LOWG (Graz)

LOWG (Graz) → LWSK (Skopje)

LWSK (Skopje) → LTBQ (Cengiz Topel)

LTBQ (Cengiz Topel) → LTCD (Erzincan)

LTCD (Erzincan) → UBBQ (Gabala Intl)

UBBQ (Gabala Intl) → UTAM (Mary)

UTAM (Mary) → UAIT (Turkistan)

UAIT (Turkistan) → ZWKM (Karamay)

ZWKM (Karamay) →


Good luck🙌


Thanks its already 16 hrs and i am about to leave Turkish Airspace

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Good luck and let’s hope that your game won’t crash 😬


Yeah i hope the same.

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You are going to enjoy it for sure! I have done it in the C172.


Yeah the C172 also hase a better range as i know

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Hmm, if it randomly fits for me I might randomly follow you on some leg(s). Gotta see. Anyway, have fun 👋

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Okay cool 👍

Really cool! Good luck on the rest of the flights!

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Sadly IF crashed so my world Tour in one session nonstop has failed


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