Xcub World Tour Tracking thread

Hello everyone! I will be attempting to fly around the world in the N500XC xcub aircraft. I decided to make this thread because I think people would be interested in a journey like this.

Now I’m sure most of you are gonna say, “That’s easy, just set it to autopilot and put your phone down.” But, I’m adding a twist to this that’ll make this feat. so much more impressive… I am going to hand-fly this airplane around the earth. It’ll be hard, but it’s possible. I’ll be starting tomorrow, I’m expecting this to last for at least the entire month as this is a very challenging thing to do.

Completed Flights:

Heading to Aurora (KARR) AKA Chicago. Last day of being purely in the US!

In-Flight Issues

July 9th: WiFi went down; simulator decided to stop working and froze as a result.


I’m very impressed. Good luck!


Nice! Good luck with this!


Thanks, I’m estimating over 20,000 nm will be hand flown.


Maybe you could set the farthest distance flown by a tail-dragger for the IF records?

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It’ll be setting a lot of records I’d assume (longest distance hand-flown in IF. Longest distance flown by GA in IF. Most time spent on one flight plan in IF).

This could literally take me months to complete.


Well I could only wish you the best! Hope you have a good device!


I’ve mapped it all out:

34,322 nm

Longest Flight: (NTGJ-SCIP)

I hit every continent except for Antarctica.

I’ll be pushing the limits of this aircraft, and of myself. Come join me along for the journey!


Good luck 👍🏽👍🏽


Good luck with that 11 kts crosswind speed and don’t crash when you are almost at the end. I believe in you. Good luck, and of course,



Lmak, thank you. This will hopefully be a forgiving next month or two haha.

Some cool stats:

I’ll be traveling about 40,000 miles which is about 60,000 kms. Remember this will all be via hand, no autopilot will be involved.

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Wouldn’t it be quicker circling around Antartica or the North Pole because you don’t have as much surface area to circle, just my opinion. Anyways I wish you good luck and have fun.

Im surprised and very excited about ur Trip around the world. If u need escort anytime ill be happy to do that 🙃

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Yeah, it would be quicker. The goal of this is to see some amazing scenery and to tour the world. Do you could easily circle one of the polls and came back in as little as a day. But, then you wouldn’t get the experience of flying to new places.


Well, you can whenever you want. I’ll be posting each day about where I’m flying.

Yeah I know mate, hope you enjoy seeing some new places.

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I will. Might make a video of it too

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This looks very nice, I am going to fly to every country in it but I’m not as crazy as you… :)
(Not hand flying)
Have a nice flight!

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Expected departure from KVNY estimated: 9:30 AM

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