XCub Tundra Tires

Picture by Jim Raeder via Airliners.net

Hello IFC, with the introduction of the soon to come Super CubX I would love for it to have Tundra Tires for back country flying and landing in strange places, this would be a very great addition to what is already looking like a wonderful aircraft!

Tundra Tires

A tundra tire is a large low-pressure tire used on light aircraft to allow operations on rough terrain. A common variant of tundra tire is the bushwheel. These tires include an integral inner tube with the valve manufactured into the side-wall, allowing the tire to operate at very low pressures without risking shearing-off the valve stem and causing a flat tire. Low-pressure tires provide greater cushioning and enable aircraft to land on rough surfaces, unsuitable for normal tires. Bushwheels are a common modification for backcountry aircraft.

That’s really cool! Unfortunately, I’m out of votes, but you have my support! And don’t forget to vote for your own topic!


So that’s what you meant by water skipping…


So this type of tire allows planes to land on water too?

No, they can fly on water without sinking

It’s actually used as a STOL landing Technique or you can also do it just for fun, check out this video for an example.


This has my vote! I have really been into stol planes since I started watching Trent Palmer. Really cool plane they are adding!


Got my vote ✅ they could even add the tire compression 👀


How do you request something, and just like magic IF announce it on the Insta. Teach me your magic please thanks

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This is only for the tires and not the aircraft itself

This thread was made After the announcement.

But I do miss the real looking water graphics before Global came out. This aircraft Tundra Tires would fly Smooth into the water.

I voted and you should too!


Got my vote. Plus this AC should be allowed to land and TO anywhere!

This is a definite vote for me!

I love how these massive tires look on the Cub, a lot better than the normal ones in my opinion.


Happy with this?


What is that

The low poly geometry

Yes we do need those tires…because… if the ones making it think of it

People would be complaining of problems because the tires need to be the way they are

Hard to explain

But my point is “we do need it”

I cant wait for the Xcub to come out, and I definitely think we need these tundra tires.