Xcub takeoff veer

Hi whenever I’m taking off in the xcub it dramatically veers about 60° to the left or right as I approach about 30kts. Using even the subtlest rudder then veers it off course even more. This happens every time without fail and even in 0 wind, fully calibrated or with heading set. I have watched the Xcub tutorial but that hasn’t helped.

Any help?

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Obviously, considering the fact that the X-Cub is a light aircraft and a taildragger, it’s more sensitive. Have you tried on solo in a no wind environment? It’s quite difficult to hop right into a windy setting, get comfortable in zero wind first, then you can up the difficulty a tad.

Yes I said I’ve tried in 0 wind environments, it does it no matter what conditions or actions are used

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Planes with front propellers will veer and require rudder movements and may take longer to master. Have you tried unchecking auto-coordination in your IF settings to see if that helps you out?


Well then, there shouldn’t be the need to use too much rudder, and if you are overcontrolling the aircraft with drastic inputs in the rudder and yoke, you’re going to drift off the runway. I’ve noticed that in the X-Cub specifically, there’s no need to use as much rudder as you’d need in an aircraft even as small as the Cessna. If you have a video or replay we can examine, I could help you out as well.

I know you say you’ve watched the tutorials, but I just thought I’d give my input:

At the 1:05 mark in the below video made by Tyler is a two-notch flat takeoff tutorial. This is the method I use for takeoffs in the Xcub, it uses significantly less rudder movements than a traditional takeoff and it’s the easiest way if you ask me. Check it out for yourself.

Also remember the maximum crossswind the Xcub can safely handle is 11 knots.

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It veers off without any input and I use the rudder very very subtly and it veers off dramatically the other way

I’ve tried using both methods of takeoff mentioned but it still does this

Yeah, so I think it’s a combination of what @Chris_S mentioned and what I mentioned. The drifting you are experiencing is a result of the “propeller effect”, which should be corrected by slight rudder and yoke movements. The reason why you are drifting the other way is most likely because you’re using too much rudder/yoke to correct it. As with any other aircraft, drastic inputs are unneeded and usually do more harm than good. All I can tell you is to take it easy, remain calm in these situations, and practice for next time. If you have any other questions or concerns, I’d be happy to assist. Happy flying!

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I have been trying to master this for the years I’ve been playing the game, but the Same result happens each time. To clarify I never use drastic inputs when taking off in the Xcub.

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Well then…can you send a video or replay of what’s going on?

Hey! Check out this post by everyone’s favorite user, @Balloonchaser . He gives great insight as to why the plane veers, even without wind, as well as how to fly the plane.

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