XCub takeoff issue

In certain planes like the spit fire and cub, every time I takeoff, when the back wheel come s off the ground, my plane always turns to the left or the right. I have tried restarting both the app and my device and it still happens if I put my device on a flat surface, calibrate it again and takeoff adjusting my pitch only.

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The problem isn’t an app issue but a pilot issue.

Have you ever tried using the rudder?

The rudder is your friend for these difficult birds and if you haven’t already you will want to uncouple it from your ailerons in settings.

Give this a watch and see how you get on, any further problems then feel free to PM me and I will see if I can coach you through it :)

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I have watched that video and I have used the rudder but whenever I use the rudder it just turns a ton in the direction I’m turning the rudder even if I barely use it also I tried it in solo with 0 wind and that still happened

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