XCub Sight Seeing Trip Around Geneva

1) This is my first time messing around with Free View Camera so feedback is appreciated for my next set of photos. This post features some pictures from my trip into the mountains surrounding Geneva. Hope you enjoy them.

2 LSGG, Expert, 1530EST



Good stuff! I like the one with the lake :)

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I like it πŸ‘πŸ½

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Great photos. I do believe your only allowed to have 10 per topic though. But I’m not completely sure.


I’ve been flying around Geneva lately doing patterns. It’s all fun in games until when your on approach for 04L and you look to the right and a swiss A320 is like 20 yards form you.

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Ended up getting a good picture of a lightning strike hit the mountain


Are you using photoshop?

No, im using snapseed

You have 14 pictures, remove 4, you can only have 10

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Great pictures

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Ok didnt know I will remove 4 can I keep the one in the comment?

Yeah I use that sometimes. But I suck at editing photos. I usually use that to remove a tiny object.

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I bet you can.

I believe its 10 per topic so no, unless you remove 5 from the original


Done! Thank you for correcting me!

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Its easy if you combine 2 pictures

I Definitely need to find more grass strips like this

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Wow the picture is amazing 😍

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The one in the comment?

One of the pictures failed to upload.