XCub Shenanigans :)

Hello, IFC!

Recently, I went to LFPL airport to go spotting, and by a great coincidence, I met someone I knew! This definitely wasn’t planned or anything, it was purely coincidental.
Anyways we had a nice afternoon and then did a bit of spotting!

Here are some pictures of that person’s plane :)
(The yellow looks slightly different in each picture and I promise it’s much prettier in real life.)

I don’t know how to caption this picture

Doing a little face-off

Two yellow birds, one picture!

Le engine startup


Taxiing to runway 26

Aaaand takeoff!

A little top-gun style departure :)

Coming in for a touch and go, round 2: Electric Boogaloo

And le wing-wave to finish it all off in style 😉

Thank you very much for having a look at these pictures!
Have a nice weekend!


Great photos!


Thank you very much!

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I was also spotted from the air :)
Photo credit: @Laura


iPhone 15 Pro Max camera is so good isn’t it?


Great photos! And a rather outstanding coincidence!

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Subtle flex? 😂

Thank you! It was a great time :)

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@Laura that’s a beautiful plane!

I’m not Laura but I agree 😂

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