Xcub screen issues

Tested the Xcub today and during startup the big main screen inside the cockpit started flickering in colors of green and red and black. This also happened during my test flight at ts2 when I either zoomed in or I was looking at it from a different camera view. Sometimes it also happened if I was looking somewhere else like outside and then back at the screen it was acting all weird, numbers seemed correct but the flickering made me wonder. Did this on a HTC 10. This did not happen on the mini screen left to the big one. I couldn’t get a screenshot of it as it was happening quite fast. Kinda distracting when flying. What causes this thing to occur?

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Oh, I had this issue in the glass cockpit version. The steam gauge one was fine though.

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So does everyone have this problem?

I don’t seem to have it.

Not having this problem. Try restarting your device if it persists

I saw that to but couldnt get a video

What are your settings and what device? That we we can try to reproduce it


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We have this reproduced and working on a fix. It’s an Android only issue it seems.
Thanks for the report!