Xcub Scenic Irish Flight | Video

The newly released Xcub sure is a joy to fly on Infinite Flight! I hope you have enjoyed this video as much as I have enjoyed putting this Infinite Flight timelapse together.

Flight Information:
Aircraft: Xcub
Callsign: VH179
Route: Random flight above Ireland
Cruising Altitude: 4000ft
Cruising Speed: 120kts
Flight Time: 30 minutes
Server: Expert

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This really was fun route to fly and it was my first time flying the Xcub. Can’t believe how I greased that landing…

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Timelapses of taildraggers aren’t the most interesting.

On my side I’ll do little montages of multiple flights.

Example : From Rockies to Alps, July 2019
Add a nice music and keep the best parts of these long hours of flight. I think it will look better. Let the timelapses to big birds ;-)

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My favourite country. Thanks for sharing this!

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Haha, glad you enjoyed this @Kuba_Jaroszczyk . I love Ireland too, it’s a great place.

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My favourite country as well


Welcome to the community @CaptainRR!

Glad to hear! Ireland is a beautiful country…

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im from there

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