XCub Round the World

I just completed the first leg of my RTW flight. I started at the Cubcrafters hangar in YKM and flew 3 hours over the beautiful Canadian Rockies to Banff. I will post photos in this thread of the entire trip.

  1. On the ramp at KYKM

  2. Climbing out of KYKM with Mt. Rainer in the background

  3. Descending towards Banff

  4. Landing at CYBA which is right at the base of a good sized mountain.

image image image image


Nice And Nice 👍🏽👍🏽


Second and third legs this morning. Banff to Buffalo Narrows and then on to Nejanilini Lake. After leaving the Rockies the scenery became blah so no real photos from the second leg except showing landing in a nice 21 knot crosswind.



Fourth leg found me cruising alongside Hudson Bay before the weather turned soupy forcing a GPS Approach into Chesterfield Inlet.


Final 2 legs of the day were Chesterfield Inlet to Cape Dorset and finally to Qikiqtarjuag, the easternmost point in Canada before I start the Atlantic crossing tomorrow.

  1. Passing the eastern shore of Southampton Island in Hudson Bay

  2. Touchdown in Cape Dorset

  3. Left downwind in the place of midnight sun

  4. Short final to CYVM to complete the day.


Up early this morning for an 0400 departure to beat some headwinds across the North Atlantic. This was the first leg of the day. Departing from CYVM with a 3 hour flight to BGSF.

  1. Departing RWY 21 at 0400 sharp.

  2. Looking at nothing but open water. C’mon little Lycoming, don’t fail me now.

  3. The long runway at BGSF never looked so good.


The second leg of the day took me across Greenland to Kulusuk (BGKK). Now it’s off to Iceland where it looks like I’ll get some favorable winds heading down into Scotland.

  1. Nothing really to look at!

  2. Decided to do a short field landing at BGKK since parking area was on the west side


Took off from Greenland then stopped twice in Iceland. Departed Iceland enroute the Faroe Islands, but with the good winds, I decided to divert to the Orkneys to partake in the world’s shortest commercial route. Called it quits for the night after a short 3 minute flight between Westray and Papa Westray.


Today’s journey started with an early departure from Papa Westray eastbound to Stavanger, Norway. After a quick fuel stop it was off to have fun in the XCub on the way to Arendal. Time for a lunch break, and then off to Estonia.



Thinking the server issue was actually something wrong with my app, I uninstalled and re-installed, therefore losing my replay for my flight from ENGK-ESSV-UMII so there will be no photos from those legs. Before boarding N353DN this morning I was able to get a quick flight in from UMII-UUBS. I’ve got a 1.5 hour flight ahead of me so I’ll jump on the aircraft’s WiFi and get another one in hopefully.


Over the past 3 days I’ve made the following hops: UUBS-UUMS-UWLL-UWOO-UWOR-UA33-UAKK. Really not much to look at except the mighty Volga and a fairly decent sized lake in Kazakhstan. I’m hoping to get into more mountainous terrain tomorrow on the way to Mongolia.


It was a very difficult plane to take off or the problem was mine

Now officially over half way around the globe on this trip. This is taking longer than I thought but now I’m determined to finish. Last 2 days were full of scenery changes as I made my way from Kazakstan to Mongolia. Route was UAKK-UASS-UASK-ZMUL-ZMMN. I’ll be back in Russia tomorrow continuing the journey.


Great photos, I hope you enjoyed this flight

Took two weeks off from this attempt as it got just a tad busy with work. I left ZMMN and after many stops I am sitting at UHMA about to takeoff, cross the Bering Sea, and touchdown back in America. I should be landing back in Yakima by Wednesday or Thursday.



Mate for me can you do a flight Newfoundland - Toronto Pearson - Heathrow? I want to see that done in either a 777 300ER, xcub, or a dash 8. Maybe a Emirates A380

Yesterday was a long one but needed to be done so as to reach Yakima today. PASA-PAMC-PAFL-PAVD-PASI-PANT


Lol the 4th picture

It’s amazing what you can find in this infinite IF world. Like this 7500 ft high glacier strip which is perfect for the XCub. SSGL is the identifier if anyone wants to fly all the glacial valleys around this part of B.C. I’m hoping I can do SSGL-YKM nonstop since I won’t need to waste fuel climbing.😀


Awesome very cool

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