XCub Photo Shooting

XCub Photo Shooting

Earlyer on this morning, I woke up to find the Cub was out of the den, well, add that with an extremely excited me, and you get these photos 😆

After a few hours of flying her, landing and doing loop de loops i came to the conclusion that apart from the A318, the XCub is my favourite plane, not just in Infinite Flight, but in aviation. Also, I have a Carbon Cub RC model that I built about 6 months ago (Carbon Cub is the XCub’s older sister)

Pre-Taxi at KPSP/Admiring the beauty of the Cub

Flying over salt plains near KPSP…

Landing back at KPSP after about a 30 minute flight in that area

Gliding over the windy Shark Bay during noon, around about 1:00pm with a 12kt wind from the south

Taken over Shark Bay, I presume the XCubs first ever moon shot? May be wrong on that hehe

Landing at CYPS, Canada, flew around there for a bit, touch and goes here and there, time was 5:00pm

Thanks for viewing my photos! Hope you enjoyed. @MishaCamp



Dope as always 👍

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Hehe thanks Ash 🤙

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