XCub Odyssey! | Part 2

Today afternoon I arrived to Acapulco Intl Airport (MMAA) after 8 hours of flight from Hermosillo, México (MMHO). If you didn’t see my first post here is the link about this Odyssey in the XCub:

As I said in my first post my goal is Liberia, Costa Rica (MRLB) and I expect to arrive tomorrow in the afternoon. Again, Wish me luck in what will be the final leg of this long flight from the XCub factory in Yakima Washington, USA to Liberia, Costa Rica.

Arriving to Acapulco Intl Airport, México
Expert Server, 8 hours of flight.


Looks cool, did you mean for this to be in the #general category?

Oh, my mistake, I correct it now!

Cool! Anyways, this seems like quite the journey!

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Great photo!

Hope to see your final leg soon! 😉

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Nice shot, the reflection off of the aircraft matches well with the surroundings. Thanks for sharing.

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A second part, keep going! This is inspiring! Great Job! 👍🏼


Great photos and perseverance!

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