Xcub landing issues

On short final at EIAB, touched down, bounced once, all normal, start to pull yoke back to put tail wheel on the ground, nose pitches forward and I crash. I’d appreciate a fixx

A fix for what exactly?

You can’t fix a bad landing :)

The reason you crashed, is most likely, because you braked too quickly. Also the reason why the nose pitched forwards.


If you pitched forward, it could be caused by 2 things.

1. What @Chris_Wing said.
2. If you pull back to hard on your device, it might think your pointing it down instead (if you know what I mean)…

Em I didn’t apply the brakes just pulled back gently

Did you pull on the rudder button by mistake, as that is also the brake?

Could you send me the replay file? I would like to see how you landed.

Deleted the replay, sorry. And no I didn’t pull on the rudder as there was no crosswind and I had no need to. Thanks for the suggestions

You should always have your finger on the rudder when landing and taking off

This is just narrow minded

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Thanks dixon

Ok thanks, will in the future