Xcub intercontinental flight

Howdy! I am probably about to embark on a Xcub flight from Alaska to Miami executive. I would cruise at around 10k ft but I was wondering what if I hit a mountain? What should I do?

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See you at the funeral


A Go Around


😂 yeah I’m realizing how this could go wrong. Maybe I could go across the Atlantic??

Simple. If you see a mountain, go around it. ;)

Yes but I’d be AFK most of the time

Carefully plan your flights so you don’t hit any mountains. Simple.

But how?! We don’t have a terrain map and if I used like google maps it’d be hard to like go back and forth and guess where mountains are

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That’s why God Invented the VFR sectional ;)


I’d make fuel stops along the way duh😂

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whats the vfr sectional

It’s quite complicated to fly long AFK with an XCub. The average Flight time for an XCub is about 2 hours. But the distance from Alaska to New York shouldn’t be possible to fly in one flight. You will need to set refuelling airports along your way.

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Oh man I’m gonna blow your mind with this one. Head over to skyvector.com and enter your flight plan. Report back when you understand.

Our friends over at Fly8MA will also help you out.
Ep. 34: How to read a VFR Sectional Chart | Basic Chart/Map Knowledge - YouTube


You’d be surprised, there’s not many mountains if any near PANC that are 10,000 ft, just avoid the rockies because i don’t remember how tall they are but you should be good:) Too bad i won’t see you, as i am doing around the world flight atm but am landing at YSSY in 6 hours then going to PANC lol but safe flight

I will I’m eating breakfast as soon as I’m done I will

Thanks. I’m probably not doing it today, maybe next week after my around the world flight lol

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I might actually do one soon but also one thing to take note of because you said

There could be high winds that possibly could bring it down

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True. Is this just a bad idea😂 I was gonna do it for @Qantas094’s longest GA flights for the Xcub Bcs some of those legs would be like 3-4 hrs

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Two pointers:

a) Alaska and Florida are part of the same continent, so this is not an intercontinental flight
b) You can easily flight plan around elevation, FL100 is plenty. For example, follow the US/Canada west coastline through southern California, then turn east flying over Arizona, Texas…no mountains there.

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Alrighty thanks that’s what I plan to do😁🙃