XCub in the Caribbean

Xcub in the Caribbean

This is one of my favourite GA plane to fly in infinite flight, really nice to fly low and slow for viewing so many kinds of beautiful scenery around the world but this time i flew high at 7000ft to discover the beautiful Caribbean islands, It was amazing! It was really nice to see many others fly around and do some pattern work too. This is one of the best flights i’ve ever done in infinite flight :)

Flight Details-
Server: Expert
Flight time: 2hrs 42mins
Route: TIST to TFFJ
Cruising altitude and speed: 7000ft at 100kts
Aircraft: CubCrafters XCub
Livery: Launch Edition N500XC

Parked the GA gate

A short takeoff

Over Francis Bay

Over the British Virgin Islands

Flying over Anguilla

Saint-Barthélemy Island

Nevis Peak


Final Runway 10 at TFFJ

Parked at TFFJ

Which is your favourite GA plane?
  • XCub
  • C172
  • C208
  • SR22
  • TBM-930
  • Citation X

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Hope you liked it 😊


Loved all the photos! For some reason, the first and last one got me, you did a amazing job! 👍🏼

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Thank you so much 😊

😍😍 New Wallpaper… 😂 This is so awesome, loved it!


Thank you, i’m glad you liked it :)

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I like the X cub too I just need help learning how to takeoff and land it likes to spin and bounce

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Kinda looks like the Delta 752 is partially inside the JetBlue A320. Nice shots!

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thats what she said

Great shots, love the XCub!


off topic but i love your profile pic


Nice shots!

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Stunning photos and great resolution…!?

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Thank you so much @Shirosaki, @Pilot_Felix and @Aviation108 :)

I used to suck at flying the XCub, i still do but i just practise in solo and i feel that i’m getting better, you should practise too @Ethan_Brown 😊

Thank you @ST-ART :D i’m glad you liked the photos and my profile pic haha