XCub Gas Guages

I’ve recently been flying and having fun in the CubCrafters XCub and have been using the Version with the steam gauges because “All you need for a good trip is two kinds of six-packs”. I have noticed that the glass fuel gauges don’t seem to move very much. I was curious if they are animated or do I have to pull out my E6B?

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Hey there,

The fuel gauges on the Steam Gauge version do not function. If you have access to the full glass cockpit version of the XCub, the fuel quantity is displayed on the Garmin unit on the bottom left hand corner. But the glass fuel gauges on the wings are your only visual indication of fuel level on the Steam gauge version. To determine fuel onboard you would need to select “Fuel Remaining” found on the bottom of your toolbar.

Hope this help and glad to see someone enjoying some tailwheel time!



Thank you!
I’m very happy to see someone has replied so quickly. Thank you for the insight and reminding me of the toolbar. I love how infinite Flight has such a great community and is willing to help people who play the game. I was also very shocked to see that it had GA aircraft. I do have access to the version with the glass cockpit but I prefer the steam gauges. Thank you once again!
Clear skies


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