XCub fan-trailer

21.1 is not out yet and I needed to get away from the exam stress somehow, so I made this instead.

People who helped make this

People who sent replays:

@Ecoops123, @AviationReports, @GBKarp,

Yellow and Grey formation


Orange and Grey formation:


Red and White formation:



Wow, amazing video once again Alexander. I am soo happy that I helped you! :D

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That looks stunning! Your work with videos is always spectacular!

I still can’t understand how do you make such great videos. Amazing work!

Great video! What you did with my replay was amazing!

:19 is amazing. Nothing like buzzing @DeerCrusher and @Balloonchaser in an xcub.

holy crap, that was amazing!

The return of the king

Amazing work! Can’t stop watch it lol

Enjoyed flying with you for the yellow-gray XCub formation! Can anyone guess the location? Hint: It’s in central-western China 👀

Really nice edits, and wow those transitions are clean! Keep it up 👍

Stunning video once again!

Great video as always! :)

trailer-tastic (again)
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Looks so great, I think Laura would approve of this

Very good vídeo.

i want to be part of the next trailer bc those are fire

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