XCub Double Deliveries | Day 1

Hello IFC, @Fidi and I are doing a join delivery flight of the Cub Crafters XCub from KYKM. We will both be delivering them to our home airports, and while I live in Minnesota, he lives in Germany, so it will be quite a journey to get there in the next week or so! But today is Day 1, and we have managed to cover a lot of ground through some of the most scenic airports in the US!

Route: KYKM-KSUN-KJAC-01WY, Expert Server

Here I am lining up on the runway at KYKM, our origin. There was a bit of traffic with other pilots picking up their XCubs. You can see Fidi in the black Cub doing an engine run-up test.

Here is the beautiful scenery as we are cruising on our way to KSUN through the rocky mountains.

Here I am on approach to KSUN. KSUN is a one way in one way out type airport, similar to Aspen, which requires a special instrument approach procedure to avoid the mountains on both sides.

Here we are on the ground going over the brief for our next leg after we ran into the FBO to get snacks and request some fuel.

Here we are climbing back out of KSUN the opposite way with the airport visible in the background. KSUN is a popular airport for skiers who are looking to enjoy the slopes in the nearby area.

Our next leg was to Jackson Hole, arguably the most scenic airport in the US and the approach certainly did not disappoint, here I am turning final for the special approach into runway 1.

Double touchdown on runway 1!

Here we are cruising to our last airport of the day, 01WY, a beautiful little airport in Pine Haven, Wyoming. The last traces of the mountains are visible, with the great plains of the midwest coming up ahead.

And once we landed, we got our aircraft pulled into a hangar for the night, with isolated thunderstorms in the overnight forecast. Later, we caught a ride to neighboring Key Hole state park, where we have set up our tents for tonight.

Tomorrow, the plan is to make the hop to Sioux Falls, then onto our first delivery location, KLVN in Lakeville Minnesota for my Cub, after which we will head east to Toronto to prepare for the flights through northern Canada up to Greenland. Hopefully, you enjoyed this sort of story type format, stay tuned for day 2. :)


This is a great idea. Can’t wait for Day 2’s story. Good luck!


Good luck that’ll be very time consuming but very fun! Saw you on Liveflight earlier. Again, good luck and have fun!

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Correct me if I’m wrong but you guys may be the first ones to cross the Atlantic with stopovers of course I wish you two good luck!


Nice pics 😄👍🏽

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