XCub Casual Server Challenge

Watch this flight on live flight as I push the XCub to the limit.

brought my oxygen.

Ok. How the heck does that happen?! You’re at FL720! 😂😂😂

Ha! It’s fantastic flying! Smooth as butter up here!

FL81 -898KTS


How long did the climb take @Jared_Scott

steady climb since departing MEM – using VS of no more than 600, and a lean mixture. Prob been airborne for 1.5 hours just now off coast of Mass. FL86

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Hope it makes it to Ireland…I suppose I’ll land there…or attempt to

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That’s insane! Great Job!

4 Hours - 10 Mins, MEM to Dublin


I can barely take off in one of those things

They are a bit tricky!

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