XCub Bush Flying In Seattle

As yall know, the FNF was canceled and now the Seattle area us being invaded by ga pilots in the cub cause that’s why they did it. I have been in touck with a youtuber called BackCountry182. He flies around a 182 (of course), tricycle setup, with a bunch of sponsors, around the area of Seattle Tacoma international airport. I decided to do a flight today a d hop on the river that he flies down and does gravel landing on in a lit of his videos and I did. Here is the video if you should Luke to watch, music might seem a bit off but that’s due to the video being a weird time. https://youtu.be/t_w1BxwiLxg

Nice vid!

Love it! The landings count too. Need to get to water ski with this soon


I totally forgot the landings counted.