XCub Altitude Records

The real life CubCrafters CC19-180 XCub has a nominal cruise altitude of 14000’, though in Infinite Flight I’ve always had fun maxing out some GAs’ altitudes, so I took my brand new XCub up to FL254 from sunny Corpus Christi, KCRP!

Rule #1: You must not takeoff from a high altitude airfield as that’s considered cheating.

Rule #2: You just fly this flight in Training/Expert Server, where you cannot change weather parameter for realism.

What’s the highest cruise altitude you’ve ever attempted in the XCub? Show me a screenshot of your best record and the top 15 records will be posted below!

Current record holders:
@s1b2p5 80300’
@Cody_M 33510’
@Qantas094 32000’
@CJHoughton 31624’
@TheFlyingGuy1 30923’
@Aquila 29400’
@DatAviation_340YT 28450’
@CPTWilliam 28415’
@PhilipClarke2809 28380’
@GoldFly 27100’
@Butter_Boi 26240’
@snoman 25831’
@Andrew414 25690’
@zooroo_fpv 25407’
@Springbok777 25393’


I mean I can’t even fly the XCub without my device crashing.😂


I’ve gotten to 13,000, but that was flying in the valleys near VNLK so i wasn’t trying to go high, just make it over the next ridge.


How’s progressive climbing? I find it kinda boring after FL150.

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You should do a top three or something in your original post and if someone breaks a record replace it with theirs. Almost like the flight time records.

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What even is progressive climbing. Is that the only way to get that high in the cub?

Yep you’ll have to climb in progressively smaller altitude steps to avoid loosing too much airspeed.


Basically climb then maintain till airspeed is maxed out then climb slowly again but with smaller alt difference compared to the last two steps and maintain. Repeat the process.




I cannot help but feel like none of the top 3 managed to “cruise” at those altitudes but just got the aircraft to that height in the traditional big dipper rollercoaster method…

I take that back… it just takes AGES



You can also get a c208 to FL360. We did it once, it’s fun but not enough to do again.


Just took off, working on getting up hopefully past Fl 240

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I’ll see what I can get… it has to be solo since my subscription ran out for the timebeing.

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I’d do it but It’ll be too time consuming, so I’ll pass this time.

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Decathlon to 20k
My device that has the screenshots is dead, like never gonna be used again tho

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Best I could do. At this point it became impossible to maintain airspeed without descending. Might have gotten a bit more out of it with less fuel on board but wanted to make sure I had enough to make it back down safely. Great lesson in aerodynamics and airspeed maintenance!

Flight started at KAUN northeast of Sacramento and eventually ended at KTVL in South Lake Tahoe. That’s the lake off to the left.

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Unfortunately for all of you, @tomthetank has you all beat. Only issue is he can’t share the screenshot. I can vouch that he does hold the record though. lol


What device do u have