Xcub Alaskan Tour Part 3 (There is no Denali)

Howdy there Infinite Flight fanatics, just wrapped up what will be the last leg of the Xcub Alaskan tour.
As you may recall during the planning on leg 2 I researched the tallest peak in Alaska, and found it to be Denali @ 20,000ft. Moreover I noticed that it’s general location was well within the Xcub’s practical range. So off I made my way unfortunately my headings to actually find it were just off to the west on leg 2.
Now in the interest of not running you off, I’ll cut to the chase. After learning to love the scenery in Pakistan, I was disappointed to find that IF has used the likeness of a squashed pizza box for the modeling of Denali. 😔🤣
Either way it was a great flight I would recommend to anyone looking for a 2hr Xcub flight.

As a side note I’ve been using ForeFlight for my flight planning but tried RocketRoute for this leg and man I have to say being able to C&P your flight plan right into IF is awesome.

Aircraft: Xcub (Orange & Grey)
Departure: PAFW
Arrival: PAFA


Nice mate, you know why Denali isn’t there right?

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No not at all, I imagine it has something to do with the scenery becoming a huge resource hog if they built it in.

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I love the first one, great job!

Here’s a blog post about it, hope they can map it sometime so we can explore places like this.


I hope to see McKinley out here one day it be fantastic!

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Yeah man, Idk if y’all ever played FS9 but I had an expansion called Misty Fjords. It was completely upgraded scenery of Alaska. Some of the water departures and landings were amazing.

Wow. Great Job! 🤘

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Thanks for the info, good to know not to expect elevation in land features beyond a certain point on the globe.

Yeah McKinley is pretty amazing in a few other sims I’ve run.

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sorry…i had to :) 😂🤣


Nice photos bud…keep it up!

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Don’t forget to put a jacket around your engine to keep it warm!

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🤦‍♂️I knew I forgot something.