Xcub Alaskan Tour Part 2

Interesting enough while planning the next leg of my Xcub tour of Alaska, I decided to look up the tallest peak in the state.
Denali is approximately 130 miles southwest of Fairbanks, so in the spirit of turning my curiosity into a tour to check out IF’s interpretations of the landscape are altitude correct. No sign of major elevation changes after this flight unfortunately. Hoping I will see some evidence of the legendary peak on the next flight up to Fairbanks. Another solid Xcub hop and another 1000XP Grade 3 here I come…

Aircraft: Xcub (yellow & white)
Departure: PAVD
Arrival: PAFK
Duration: 1hr 30min
Server: Casual


Once again, a great adventure in the XCub, great job, seems like another fun flight.

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Thanks man it was, getting ready to put up the final leg of the tour, final because it was an unfortunate disappointment at to what I hoped to find. Great seat time and atmosphere nonetheless. Well besides the 33kt crosswinds, seems like they’re everywhere in Alaska and the ole Cub don’t like it lol.

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