Xbox One S controller As joystick for iOS 13

It will only work for Xbox one S or X controller and only with iOS 13 but the links in description hope it works bro 👊🏻


Oh k thanks bro👊🏻

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No problem bro hope it works for you the landings are much much better as you have full control for minor adjustments 👊🏻

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Where were the videos u saw

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FYI. Don’t try and use older Xbox one controllers, those don’t have Bluetooth. All PS4 DualShock controllers do, however.

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Ok YouTube bro

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It works!!! I just connected my controller to my phone and it works!!!

It works you can’t do much though you can just put up the

Is anyone else having a massive drift issue on third person? (With the Xbox one s controller via Bluetooth)

I would make your own topic on it.

Another topic is not necessary. Its best if all queries are kept together in one thread.

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When you say massive drift, do you mean that the camera is moving by itself without you making any inputs to the controller?

Yeah so the camera is moving by itself and when I touch the right stick to counter the drift it stops for 1-2 mins

That will be an issue with iOS or the controller itself. Have you tested it on another game?

you should unbind the button for “move camera left, right” etc. you probably binded those to the arrow keys but you cant actually have anything connected to the arrow keys or else the controller will think it is the same button so it does both commands at the same time.

this can actually work on androids too. It doesn’t have to be IOS13.

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