Xbox One Controller on Infinite Flight

Hello Pilots, I recently updated my iphone 7 to IOS 13 and figured out that I can use an xbox one s controller as a joystick. I know how to connect it and get it set up for the flight. Takeoff goes perfectly. However about 20 minutes in the controller disconnects and then I cant figure out how to reconnect it mid-flight. I would really appriciate an honest response.
-Thank You, CJinfiniteflightYT


This seems to be more of an issue with either your device or the controller itself. Xbox controllers, and indeed playstation controllers have no official support by Infinite Flight, so just bear that In mind 🙂


You can contact @schyllberg as he is into the technical aspect of IF. He might help you with your problem.

I dont feel as if it is a problem with the device however. It seems to be a common issue which has no soloution. Like I said it is fine until like 20 minutes of inactivity and then i cant reconnect it until I delete and restart a new flight.

It has done that before to me, so to fix it you either recalibrate in the pause menu with your controller on and connected or reset to default in settings and controls

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