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Half year waiting for the update and now still not resolved a bug with the xbox controller…
Please SOLVE the BUG which makes impossible to connect the xbox controller in a flight after it auto disconnects because of the sleep mode!

That bug is on the controller side not infinite flight.


It’s not even really a bug it’s just the way the controller was made. Unless you find a way to jailbreak the controller to not go to sleep mode, there’s no way to fix this.

But xplane has no issues with reconnection in flight.

X-Plane is also different than IF… What works with XP11 may or may not work with IF.


But because it works on xplane and not works on IF I’m calling this a BUG

@Dimatrixxx is the Xbox controller failing to reconnect to your device specifically or just the application? If the controller is turning off and not reconnecting, that has nothing to do with the application and will be entirely down to your device and controller.

Just because it doesn’t work specifically with infinite flight doesn’t make it a bug, the controllers aren’t supported officially anyway.

The controller connects to the iPad fine. But Infinite does not recognize after the reconnection any axis movements unless I go out from the flight (not closing IF) and start a new flight. Then it works again…
So xbox controller works fine when it is connected to the ipad before starting a flight but when I’m flying and do not use the controller for some time (ap on) then it goes to the sleep mode and when I turn it on again (on descent prior to landing) the plane is not controlled by the xbox controller AND it is not controlled by integrated sensors- so there is NO controls at all. I tried different things like calibrate or go to settings and set them to default but this all not solves the problem.

Just try - connect xbox controller, enter a flight, see that controller works, then switch it off manually and then switch back on. You will see what I’m talking about. As I understand the IF does not update the connected controller devices while the flight unless you go out from a flight.

I’ve tested with a dual shock 4 as I don’t currently have a Bluetooth Xbox controller, and yes I have the same issue, however I’m once again reiterate that infinite flight is not designed to work with, nor does it support, either Xbox or dual shock controllers. The simulator will work with devices across network if attached to LiveFlight Connect, and it will work with wired devices, but it is not coded to specifically work with wireless controllers, thus it is not a bug.

The controller setup and axis load is done at the moment the app loads up. You’ll notice if you launch infinite flight and then connect your controller, it also will not work or be detected fully, hence why when it shuts off its no longer operational.

I suggest either using LiveFlight Connect on pc or only using a controller for short haul as the controller had a 30 minutes shut off period.

@Populeux_Music connect it through Bluetooth. You need to have an One S controller or newer, connect it then set up the axis on settings. It will reset each time you launch the application though.

Wait how do you use Xbox controller for IF?

Xbox one s controller Via bluetooth

I have a Xbox one controller

IF is a MOBILE sim so from my view Point it must work well with the bluetooth controllers because they are mobile and I can fly from anywhere (only ipad and controller with me). If I need a MAC or PC then there is no reason to use mobile flight sim, I will better go with full flight sims like xplane, mfs, prepar etc.

Wait you can use an Xbox controller for IF??

ikr?!? i would like to know how to do this

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LOL- of course! And the flying is more precise and makes MUCH MORE fun!

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As I already said, yes it does “work” with controllers, but it has no “official support”. It doesn’t have to work with any kind of wireless device as the intended and designed inputs are the axis built directly into your device.

As I already said in the post above, you can connect the controller, load up infinite flight and it will work fine, but because the initial loading of the controls is done at the application start-up, if the controller disconnects, it won’t be able to reconnect. Now, for short flights where you can move the stick every 10 minutes or so, not an issue, but once again it isn’t designed to work for a 7hr + flight.

This is not a bug or an issue with the simulator, and its not something high on the priority list as it’s never been an intended feature. You can get a cheap laptop running Windows and use LiveFlight for free, and it will work fine then, but otherwise in the meantime… That’s it. Either keep your controller plugged in so it doesn’t shut off, or don’t use it.

@Populeux_Music I already explained that you connect it through Bluetooth. Launch the app, assign and calibrate the axis, assign buttons and fly.

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Just pair you controller via bluetooth with ios13. Open IF and fly. That’s all. You can set all buttons and axis in the settings of IF how you would like. Set also in setting the sensitivity and null zone and the controlls will be very smooth

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ight imma try it