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I’m using wireless xbox one s controller (bluetooth) since one day for flights in infinite. Everything works great, but one problem is there- If the xbox controller turns off while a flight (it auto turns off after some time not being used for example in cruise) I cannot use it again within this session…I need to close the app and start it again… thats really a problem, because now while a cruise I need to push some buttons every 5-10 mins on the controller in order it stays alive. Can you please check this issue and solve the reconnecting problem?
Latest iPadOs, iPad Pro 11.

Maybe this helps:


I tried to reset in the settings but it not helped. I will try to recalabrate, maybe this will solve the issue.

I tried now everything and there is no solution to reconnect the controller again without exiting the game. Very sadly that infinite flight is a mobile simulator that can use a network controller, which needs an PC (but if I need a PC I better fly on PC full flight sims like Prepar3D) but do not support a controller like dualshock and xbox which can be connected directly to the iPad. I fly infinite flight because I can do it anywhere, not only at home. That is a point. So please add the support for the controllers…

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