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I’ve recently started using my xbox controller to fly and im really enjoying it, But unfortunately after a while when the xbox controller shuts off and you start it back up again I noticed that the X&Y axis dosent work and you can’t control the plane with the controller. I found that the only way to fix this is by closing the app and restarting it, which is a shame as it defeats the purpose of long flights. Is there a way to fix this.

Don’t use it for long hauls. Ps4/Xbox controllers are both built with a standard shut off at 30 minutes. You have to move the joysticks and fly manually. Which is a waste of time. And the team doesn’t support controllers. Only IOS13 supports it. But it is compatible. Just not supported i believe 🙂

Unrelated, but how do you connect an Xbox controller to your phone

Wouldn’t suggest using it, but id you want works! Beeter option would be a yoke or joystick if you can afford it at the moment 😉

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The new generation controllers have bluetooth

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Ok thanks. I’ll continue using it for short hauls for now as I do enjoy using it.

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