Xbox controller sometimes doesn't work

When I play game, I usually use xbox controller. humm…
As you know, If we don’t use the controller for minutes it’s mode turns out sleep mode.
So, I have a problem this situation. it turns out sleep mode to activate mode, game doesn’t find controller and I can’t controll plane.
Help me T.T

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Once the xbox controller turns off you wont be able to reconnect until you restart the app. Also are you on iOS or Android?

I wasn’t even aware you could control IF with an XBOX controller! I thought this was strictly a mobile sim?

IF Supports some 3rd party devices, but sometimes they wont work perfectly.


I’m using android.

We do the whole controller setup during the initial launch of the app. So if it disconnects mid-session, app needs to be restarted.

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@schyllberg is right, I used to use an Xbox Elite 2 controller, I would get frustrated whenever it disconnected.

You could download live flight connect, plug your controller into your computer via USB A - Micro USB cable. then choose use networked joystick in controls and bind your buttons, although the right thumb stick isn’t detected sometimes. (Might be my problem)

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