Xbox Controller Guide-Use For Infinite Play

My Anniversary post! Enjoy

If you have a PS4/5 controller you can also use that, it is the same set up


As many people have an Xbox. You many not know that you can use it for Infinite Flight. Although it starts of tricky when you first start using it. It’s a good way to feel like your actually using a real side stick found on Airbus.


  • Xbox Controller-Xbox one or newer-NO Cords or Elite Series will work.
  • Device With Bluetooth-Best on IPad or Computer
  • Infinite Flight
  • (2) AA batteries

Setting it up

The set up may take some time as it may not work on the first try.

First-Turn on controller and click then button in the front that makes the Xbox symbol flash.
Second-Go to device Bluetooth, look for Xbox Wireless Controller. Then connect.
Third-Go to Infinite Flight and open settings. Settings>>General>>Enable Flight Connect-Go to general and find “Enable Infinite Flight Connect” to the right click the square. It should show a check mark.
Note-If this doesn’t work turn of Device and Controller and redo process.


LS-Controls Pitch & Roll-Up for Down-Down for up. Left for left, right for right.
RS-Controls looking movement-Up for Down, left for right…opposite basically.
Y & X-Control Flaps-Y for less, X for more.
B-Controls Gear.
A-Controls Ground Break-Hold down.
RB & LB-Controls Trim, LB for less, RM for more.
RP-Controls view.
And that’s basically all-the only two things you’ll still have to use touch screen for are Spoilers and Rudder.
LT & RT-controls Throttle.

How To Fix Issues

When your done with using the controller and game does not respond to Device Tilt-Settings>>controls>>Click on Roll>>Delete>>then click again>>tilt Device side to side. Same thing for pitch.

If you have any questions please ask!

If You would like to use a video instead check the below.



Who in the WORLD regularly uses an Xbox controller for a flight simulator. Otherwise, great tutorial. Never knew this was possible, I’ll test it out!


Yea, I’d think so to, but I use it because I don’t have a Flight sim control. Like a yoke etc. Just note it’ll be hard at first.

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I wonder if this would be possible with a PS4 controller 🤔

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Yes, it sure is! Just make sure it’s PS4 or newer!

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Oh sweet! I’ll have to try this out then, thanks 😊

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No problem!

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Question: Xbox controller will enter sleep mode after a while and can’t control the iPad after waking it up. How can I solve that?
BTW nice tutorial! (Although I’ve already set my controller up lol)


I’ve seen people use a car steering wheel controller…yeah, it made me do a double take as well.

Good tutorial though. Even though I don’t own a controller, I can totally see this being useful to people who do.


Weird… now my PS4 controller doesn’t connect to the PS4. 😂

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Aw man pitch doesn’t work

Go to your Bluetooth settings and tap “forget device”

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I’ll give that a try. Seems weird though, I turned Bluetooth off on my iPad when I went to use the PS4 🤷‍♂️

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Hi, how do you do the throttle?

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well this summer Microsoft flight simulator is coming to xbox series x and s, soooo…


I do this and it’s fun but sometimes if I need to tap the map the controller does do anything anymore

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I tried flying with a controller a while back, it was impossible for me to set throttle to a specific setting, only 0 or 100. What did you bind it too?

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Yea, that an issue that happened with me, because once the controller is turned off you can’t reconnect. I don’t know the answer to that question yet, sorry.


LT & RT, L for lower, R for more.

I actually haven’t changed it yet, but I think if you head over to Infinite Flight>>settings>>controls you should be able to fix the sensitivity.