Xbox Controller Guide For Infinite Flight (Updated Version)

More information has been added and previous information has been updated

If you have a PS4/5 controller you can also use this. It is the same setup!


As many people have an Xbox, you may not know that you can use it for Infinite Flight. Although it starts off tricky when you first start using it, It’s a good way to add to your flying experience and enjoyment.


  • Xbox Controller-Xbox one or newer-NO Cords or Elite Series will work.
  • Device With Bluetooth-Best on IPad or Computer
  • Infinite Flight
  • (2) AA batteries

Setting it up

The setup may take some time as it may not work on the first try.

First -Turn on the controller and click the button in the front that makes the Xbox symbol flash.
Second -Go to device Bluetooth, look for Xbox Wireless Controller. Then connect.
Third -Go to Infinite Flight and open settings. Settings>>General>>Enable Flight Connect-Go to general and find “Enable Infinite Flight Connect” to the right-click the square. It should show a check mark.
Note -If this doesn’t work turn off the Device and Controller and redo the process.


LS -Controls Pitch & Roll-Up for Down-Down for up. Left for left, right for right.
RS -Controls looking movement-Up for Down, left for right…opposite basically.
Y & X -Control Flaps-Y for less, X for more.
B -Controls Gear.
A -Controls Ground Break-Hold down.
RB & LB -Controls Trim, LB for less, RM for more.
RP -Controls view.
LT & RT -controls Throttle.

And that’s basically all-the only two things you’ll still have to use touch screen for are Spoilers and Rudder. If you want to be free of touch screen use see the below!!

How to customize controls

If you don’t like the default controls above or want to completely fly the plane solely from the box controller then read this.

First, open “settings”. Then proceed to “Controls” and click “Commands”
1. Find the command name that you want to change or add.
2. Click the key/axis command for that row. (It’s labeled a character or says unassigned unless already given a controller command.)
3. Click delete
4. Click the control on the controller that you wish to use for this command.

How To Fix Issues

ISSUE 1. (Common) When you’re done using the controller and the game does not respond to Device Tilt-- Procced doing the following --Settings>>controls>>Click on Roll>>Delete>>then click again>>tilt Device side to side. Same thing for pitch.

If you have any questions please ask!

If You would like to use a video instead click the below image.


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