Xbox controller Binds

I recently bought a new xbox controller and it has bluetooth. I have set binds for it and it works perfectly, except for when I close the app, then I have to set all the button binds all over again. I’m just wondering is there anyway to save the current setup so that when I go back into the app I can just go straight into a flight.


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I’ve used the xbox controller for IF a few times. I’ve encountered the same issue and from asking around I don’t think there currently is any way to keep it. They might add something to stop that but for the time being I don’t think there is a way.

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Can confirm, I asked schyllberg about this the other day and he said:
IF resets them with every app start. I would assume that makes LF Connect do the same 🤷


Ok thanks for the info it definitely makes flying more fun anyway😁.

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