x52 Joystick Problems?

I was just wondering if anyone uses the x52 system successfully? I followed all tutorial instructions, but by controls were not being recognised when I attempted to calibrate them on the app. Any ideas??

Thanks, Santer.

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There have been several topics conserning this. To be clear, are you using an X52Pro or x52? Laura has only tested with the x52pro.

I have been using it a lot in the past couple months but recently it won’t recognize it.

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I am using the x52 (not the pro). As stated in the reply below, it seems others are having the same issues as I am.

Honestly, if you have been using it for a while now with no problems then you probably need to uninstall, and reinstall the entire Infinite Flight app.

What kind of otg cord are you using? Let’s make sure that it is not an issue with that.

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