X51 airport needs simple updates

I know this airport will not be on the top of the updaters list of things to do but as my home airport in real, I thought I would post it anyway. I couldn’t help to realize that you happened to miss a few things at homestead such as the grass runway is much thinner and longer in real than what is ok IF. You guys replicated what you thought you saw on Google. When you look you will see that what you guys replicate was not the runway itself but a field and the ramp. Take a look. It isn’t easy to see but o you look closely you will see the runway. I was unable to take a pic of of IF. Thanks a lot in advance and please do take a look at the grass runway.

And since the shift of magetic poles, runway 09/27 is now 10/28. The same goes for the parallel grass runway. @Henrik @Laura @philippe @Cameron @MishaCamp
Please tell me if you can help

You can see the glider and towlplane taking off the runway on this pic

Please do not rush to update the airport, I just thought I would let the Devs know

I’ll look into it, thanks.


No worries, thank you for all you do for IF and its community. I know that I do not give a great description of what needs to be done but with the pics you can see the actual runway. @Henrik

Fixing all issues with this field

Fixed, it required an entire redo

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Thanks a lot dush. I really appreciate its

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