X-Cubbing in Northern Washington

Today is my last day on the live servers for a while, so I decided to do some X-Cubbing in Northern Washington. I departed from Skykomish State, to Easton State. I had no idea what airport I was going to land at, I just saw it and said, “Hey, that looks like a cool airport!” So I landed…

Flight Info...
  • Departure: S88 (Skykomish State)
  • Arrival: KESW (Easton State)
  • Server: Training
  • Flight Time: 27 min.
  • Route: VFR (Free Flight)
  • Aircraft: X-Cub (Black and Gray)

Flying around the hills after departing from Skykomish County

Some snow in the mountains (as per usual)

Now out of the mountains, and into the valley
After touring around in the mountains a bit more again, I found Easton State Airport, and decided that I would land.

This was a very special flight as it is one of my last flights on the live servers (I will post my last flight tomorrow). This is also very special because I finally got the hang of flying the X-Cub. Enjoy!


Noice photos mate, but did you butter the landing?


Thank you!

Great mountain shots.

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I love flying the XCub in the mountains, and it looks like you had fun too. Awesome!

Great photos as well!

Nothing better than just flying around enjoying the sim. Good stuff.

@thenewpilot it was more of a hop down the runway kinda’ thing…

@Kansas_Scotty Thank you! the pictures aren’t as cool as they were when I was actually flying though…

@Butter_Boi X-Cubbing in the mountains is literally one of my favorite pastimes, and yes, I had lots of fun 🤩

@Chad_Garnett flying around the sim is awesome. I love doing it with the X-Cub because I can just land on a random field somewhere and call it a runway…

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That is so beautiful! Amazing pictures!

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Thank you! It was lots of fun

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