X-cub Range And Max Altitude

Hello everyone I am looking for some help! As we all know the x-cub will be coming out shortly! But as I don’t really know much about it I thought I would ask for some help!

Max Range on x-cub
How many hours of fuel/how far will the x-cub fly? I am trying to be the first to do Donengal-St Johns or also known as the first crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in the xcub

How high will the x-cub go?

How high and fast will the x-cub go because I am guessing it would be 10,000ft but I am not sure 🤔
How fast will the x-cub fly? Is it like the TBM 930 or a Cirrus SR22 for speed

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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Here is the information


For more detailed specifications

XCub Specs



    • Certification

FAA Part 23

  • Category

Normal 2,300 lbs GW

  • Utility

1,980 lbs GW

  • Type

Single engine land & sea

  • Crew



    • Engine

Lycoming O-360-C1G 180 horsepower

  • Propeller

Hartzell Trailblazer constant speed, composite


    • Length

23 ft 10 in

  • Height

8 ft 4 in

  • Wingspan

34 ft 4 in

  • Wing Area

174.8 sq ft

  • Cabin Width

30" @ pilot position

  • Cabin Height

52" @ pilot position

  • Cargo Area

26 cu ft


    • Empty Weight

1,216 lbs base configuration

  • Gross Weight

2,300 lbs

  • Useful Load

1,084 lbs

  • Cargo Weight

230 lbs


    • Fuel

49 gallons


    • Maximum Speed

153 mph in level flight

  • Cruise Speed

145 mph at 75% power

  • Stall Speed

39 mph

  • Rate of Climb

1,500 fpm

  • Endurance

6+ hrs

  • Range

800 miles

  • Takeoff Distance

170 ft demonstrated

  • Landing Distance

170 ft demonstrated


    • VNE

167 mph* never exceed redline

  • VsO

46 mph* stall speed - power off, flaps full

  • Vs

46 mph* stall speed - flaps up

  • VFE

81 mph* maximum speed - flaps extended

  • Vo

99 mph* maximum operating maneuvering speed

  • Vx

59 mph* best angle of climb speed

  • Vy

74 mph* best rate of climb speed

    • 2,300 lbs gross weight using FAA mandated worst-case conditions

From Cub Crafters


Google is your friend

Took me 30 seconds

Cruisespeed is: 126 kts
Range is : 695 nm


Sorry, I’m Australian so I know understand knots and km/h.

Well I don’t either mate.

Not to worry, a tutorial is being made for the XCub. Keep on touch with the updates, and the day it is out, give the XCub Tutorial a watch, especially on Infinite Flights Official Youtube channel.


Whatever the service ceiling is… I’ll top it.


Thanks for the information!

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Ok will do

Ok but we mean infinite flight is it @infiniteflight

The xcub will be realistic as possible and will use the same physics of the real thing.

The ceiling for the XCub is 11,500ft if I recall correctly to answer that.

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Your welcome mate

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