X Cub on amphibs


the Carbon Cub, on Amphibious floats!

As we are getting ready for the newest GA aircraft to join our family, I believe an Amphib Cub would look amazing. Part of the back country/bush flying life introducing float planes with the Carbon Cub would be amazing!
Plus floats are cool!

But, in Infinite Flight, we can land on the water in the A380…

Otherwise, would be cool to see. Can totally see someone on TS1 crossing the Mississippi in this, lol


And now with a Carbon Cub on amphibious we can do it properly


The only problem I see with this is that IF water is not the same as other simulators. The water is flat in IF, so if you do it properly, any aircraft can land there (I refueled a 777 on water once). In other sims, the water is a 3D object and floats and forms waves etc. I believe that the water texture should be updated before any planes that are meant to land in water are added.
(Yes, I know that this plane is in development, but not the seaplane version of this)

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That’s why I am requesting the amphibious version

That’s pretty cool, the amphibious version is an aircraft that has the ability to land on both land and sea. Sure the water needs be updated and fixed for a plane to float on water.


I think it’s cool, don’t get me wrong, but as others have said, it isn’t really part of the simulator’s curent setup. And as far as infrastructure we have nothing no aquatic airports, runways, or ATC capacity. If they were to do an overhaul in this department, and add floats to the Caravan (that’s the only one that comes to mind, but there may be more IF aircraft with this) that would be neat, but I don’t see it being practical right now.

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Killing my hopes all lol

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I saw that, really exciting to have the X Cub! Hopefully we can get enough support for the X Cub on amphibs!

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I agree @RotorGuy

@RotorGuy *amphibs

JK, great request, I would like to see this plane! Voted!

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Great request although I don’t see this working out, like other mentioned about the water, they wouldn’t be able to turn the whole water in the map to be floatable on The amphibious XCub, that would be extreme work and I believe the devs have other thinks to worry about now, also don’t forget that you get violations for taxiing too fast on grass/water so that would have to be removed, which is another show stopping thing.

You can take off with a XCub and not get violated for sure.

Even if they didn’t disable taxi speed violations for the XCub it would still get off the ground before it became an issue.

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This just makes me wish for real water again… sigghhh