X-Cub from Germany to Oshkosh

Good Evening,

As most of you will have noticed there are a lot of things happening at Oshkosh in the next week, the event I was most interrested was " X Cubs to Oshkosh" but from reading the caption I didn´t realy know where to fly from…
So I thought to myself: "why not fly there from your home airport " ?

There where only a few little things in the way, like the atlantic ocean and the fact the Cub can only fly for about 4 hours :)
So I am going to be stopping in northern Scottland, Iceland and Greenland before finaly setting foot (tires) on American ground.

Today I started of with the first two little legs of the flight:
The first one departed from Mannheim City (EDFM, my home airport) and headed towards the French coast.

After passing Liège it was time to refule at Liernu (EBLN) before I could start the hardest part of the flight… crossing the Channel.

After a brief stop and a cup of Coffee it was about time to depart again, after a nother 30mins of flying I finaly reached the beautyful coastline of France. After passing Callais the sun slowly started to set and the goal was getting closer…

With the sun nearly gone it was about time to get to my final destination for the day, Cranfield (EGTC) just north of London.The approach got rather bumpy and the Crosswind didn´t make it easier… but finaly just before sunset I was on final approach!

This will take me a couple of days to do but it will be a great feeling, having flown the Cub to America! I hope you enjoyed the Pics and I will probably post some more in due course :)

As allways this is probably in some sort of wrong Category…

Oskar (Flying_Pencil)


Beautiful pictures! Enjoy that trip ✈️


Great endeavor!
Looking forward to the story with pics!


Nice, good luck, and of course,
I’m gonna fly in from KEDC (Austin executive)- about 9hrs. Wish me luck lol

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Great pics! Hope you have a fun trip to Oshkosh!
Looking forward to more pics!

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Really beautiful pictures here! 😊

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