X Cub Floating NAV lights

When I fly the X Cub the NAV lights are off the aircraft on both sides. The rear NAV light is fine. I’m on the latest version if IF. I use IF with an IPad Mini 5 and iPhone XR. I always use highest graphics setting. Here’s a pic or what I’m talking about.

Hmm have you tried restarting your app ?

Yea. I’ve cleared scenery cache and reinstalled

This may be an issue with the new update are you shore that the iPad mini 5 can support all the high graphics quality?

Yea I’m pretty sure it can. I use the XR and the mini 5 which are apples two newest devices. The iPad doesn’t get warm running the highest settings so I don’t think it’s that. By the way turning the graphics down didn’t work :)

I don’t know if you awnsered this but, did you
delete the app and reinstall it again maybe that will work out for you ?

I reinstalled it today but it did nothing. I’ll try again in a few hours when I land my current flight

Hmm ok let me know if it works out for you

This is a known issue. This also happens with other lights at certain angles.

To others, please use caution when suggesting to reinstall. Reinstalling removes all un-exported replays. Please let support staff suggest such actions.


This is a design flaw. This has nothing to do with the device.

Ok I’m sorry I was just trying to help him

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