X-cub... Around The Word ...4.11h 13040kt gs

Server: Casual
Fly Time 4.11h
Max Groud Speed : 13040kt
Average Amplitude: 120000 ft
Distance fly: 21589nm



These are some nice pictures, and that route is really long!

However, make sure to crop out the HUD/UI in the pictures as it isn’t allowed in the category :)
You can use the in-game screenshot tool in replay mode to get the best pictures!

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How did the XCUB have that much fuel?

One tank is enough: D

How are you able to travel that fast at that altitude!!?

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how the hell is he going that fast😳

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Try it, it’s possible: D

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Nice pictures Adrian! However, please make sure to check the topic below in order to see how posts in the #screenshots-and-videos should look like 😊