X-Cub Accident Investigation [IF Version]

Today this Yellow CubCrafters X-Cub was going to have a normal flight to Waterford Airport, Ireland from Oxford Kidlington Airport (My nearest airport) but something bad happened on this flight and the pilot had to divert immediately or else he might have not made it, let me tell you the story. In this picture, you can see the engine starting up and the pilot finishing the start-up checklist.

The pilot took off the X-Cub which had a weight of 934kg, He didn’t know how to properly takeoff so the takeoff was quite bad with the plane rolling left and right before finally getting in the air.

The climb to the cruising altitude of 12,000ft was pretty normal, no warnings or faults etc. It was pretty peaceful. (I passed my house, I was hyped haha)


Then all of a sudden, at approximately 6,300ft the plane started pitching down without a reason, it descended to about 4,000ft before the dive was recovered.

The pilot started pitching the plane up so it can climb safely, he climbed to about 5,800ft before this occurred again.

The pilot saw EGVN air base, he immediately set all his NAV systems to fly into that airport. He slowly started aligning himself with the position he was ment to be in to do a safe approach, but the plane rolled severely to the right (not on pictures,10 pictures max and that would’ve gone over that limit)
Luckily he recovered and continued the approach.

In about 7 minutes he was over the runaway, the plane hasn’t done anything since the last roll. He was relieved and tried his best to land safely and not smash down onto the ground, he landed safely at EGVN with a V/S of about -421fp/m (Cut me some slack, it was the 1st official landing I’ve done in this plane ;) )

The X-Cub safely on ground 32 minutes after it took off, The plane was rattling like crazy on the ground the pilot claimed.

The supposedly broken X-Cub parked outside a hangar while a Grade 1 (Their first flight, congrats to them) takes off.

The Investigation

Here is what happened to the CubCrafters X-Cub.

1: That was the first dive, you can see the plane rolled to the right a little bit, this is also when the pilot Sqwawked 7700.

2: Another dive, this one was a little less serious as it didn’t pitch fully down as the first one did, the pilot was still in quite a big risk, the plane also tilted right again. When the pilot recovered he saw EGVN and started putting it into his NAV systems.

3: When the pilot was descending, the plane pitched down once again and then tilted right again, are you starting to see a pattern here?

4: At the approach turn, the pilot turned slightly to the left but the plane all of a sudden tilted fully left putting it into another tilted dive. Luckily the pilot recovered this and landed it safely

What Happened?

I don’t work for investigating plane accidents. This is just my made up ‘story’ I made and this hasn’t happened in real life.

When the mechanics checked the aircraft, they found a lot of mini cracks on the right aileron. This is the most likely reason why the plane kept pitching down and severely tilting. The cause of the cracks is supposedly due to the very rough takeoff the aircraft had. The pilot had his pilot license revoked due to unsafe flying.

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