[X] before airport name

What does an x before the airport name mean? e.g El toro. I looked this up and couldn’t find an answer. Does anyone know?


Can you offer some more details please. In game or IRL? Give an example, etc.

Fairly self-explanatory to me…


It means the airport is closed/no longer operating.


I believe it’s for airports that are no longer ‘open’

If you look at El Toro on Apple Maps it’s been decommissioned. There is another airfield to the Northwest of El Toro (the name escapes me at the moment) which has been completely bulldozed over but it still exists in IF with the prefix

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In game, In socal there is El Toro and in London Raf lyneham

Wondered about that myself. Thanks for clearing that up.

You’re thinking of Tustin Mcas (KNTS)

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The before the name means that this airport that was once a military base is now no longer being used. El Toro was a Marines Air Station that is no longer being used. Raf Lyenham (the out of region airport of london) was a RAF base that is now no longer used.

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