X-15 Rocket Airplane

X-15’s can take users higher altitudes, even to space! This airplane is retired in real life, but adding this to infinite flight could take us place to place faster and view farther distances. This plane was launched from a B-52 airplane. The X-15 can go 4 times the speed of the F-22 (The fastest plane on I.F. currently). About 4520 mph. It be great to add this, because I always wonder flying to space. This plane gets added, i no longer have to glitch to space.

This plane can fit only one person.
Requires a B-52 if you want to pilot this the real life way.

Image by Wikipedia

I’d definitely like to see this, it will bring a lot of diversity!

If I remember correctly, this aircraft took off on board of a B52 and was then dropped and ignited. I think a lot would have to be put in place for this to happen.


That would be correct.

Well maybe we just add a b52 as well, and if you are in solo mode, you can either choose to drop from a cpu b52 or just take off from airport like usual

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This is a cool aircraft, but I think it should only be allowed on expert.

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The x-15 is a very rare aircraft and with it being popular, tons of people will want to fly it, and it will bring a unrealistic experience to people flying near it.

You cant have this with out the b-52 or is that a different plane?

They are completely different planes, however, the X15 was dropped off a B52 and then ignited its rocket. So without the B52 this aircraft is not very practical.

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I was waiting for someone to create this topic for so… long.

I was saying if we can have the b52 too, I just didn’t want to mention it due to the rules of creating a feature topic, “Do not request more than two things in one topic”.

This is just my opinion but I don’t really see any point of this plane coming to IF. At such high speeds you can’t really control it and let’s be honest, it’s a ROCKET plane! You can’t even takeoff normally in this plane. The devs will need to add the B-52 which will take even more time.

I remember playing x-plane 9 on my iPad. There you could actually spawn in both planes, the B52 that would carry the x15. However this was in singleplayer, still a cool idea for the future.